2024 Inductees

Texas Saltwater Fishing Hall of Fame

Meredith McCord

Meredith McCord
Meredith has over 240 IGFA World Records, 40% of those records are line class records and 60% are fly records.

Meredith has been:

  • 3 times, the Grand Champion Ladies Tarpon Fly Tournament, Islamorada, Fl.
  • 4 times, the IGFA Top Female Angler of the Year
  • 3 times, caught Flats Grand Slams on Fly, in Mexico & Belize
  • 1 time, the recipient of Bonefish Tarpon Trust’s “Passing the Torch” award

Meredith has hosted fly fishing trips in over 20 countries around the world.  These include: Bahamas, Belize, Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia, Canada, Guatemala, Iceland, Mongolia, Argentina, Argentina, Sudan, Spain, Seychelles, Russia, and the USA.

Her TV Shows include: Chasin the Sun (2021-current) on Discovery Channel, Silver Kings (2019) on Discovery Channel, Flats Class with CA Richardson (2020) Discovery/WayPoint TV, Guiding Alaska (2016) Outdoor Channel & Buccaneers and Bones (2014) Outdoor & Travel Channel.

Her Podcasts and Radio shows include: Captain’s Collective (2020), The Michael Berry Radio Show (2020), Christian Outdoor Podcast (2020), Tom Rowland Podcast (2020), Anchored with April Vokey, Ep. 149 & 150 (2019), Barbless Co. Flyfishing (2019), Reno Fly Shop with Jim Litchfeld (2018), Remote No Pressure with Jeff Troutman (2018), Doug Pike Radio Show (2016), To Fly Fish with Justin (2016).

Meredith’s publications include: Garden & Gun (October/November 2019), Angler’s Journal (Fall 2019), Germany’s Fliegenfischen (April/May 2021), Germany’s Fliegenfischen (June/July 2019), Tail Magazine Issue 35 (May/June 2018).

Meredith’s social media stats include: 30.6K Instagram Followers and 10.1K Facebook Followers.  Her social media followers are made up of 82% men & 18% women and are of 70% from the USA, 20% from Canada, Brazil, Argentina and other countries and 10% from Australia.